The Mid Range Fighting Chair

Down-sized from our Large Marlin, the “Mid-Range” chair is an excellent alternative where a reduced footprint and lighter application is necessary.

• All High Polished 316 L Stainless Steel hardware
• 4” Stainless Steel Pedestal
• Solid Delrin Machined Pedestal Bearing
• Curved and Adjustable Footrest with 5 length and 3 height adjustments.
• Curved and Adjustable Backrest
• 21” x 21” Teak or Fiberglass Seat
• Side Gimbels (2 per side)
• Flip-up Front Gimble with 4 height adjustments
• State of the Art U.V. Resistant Urethane Finish (custom colors available)

Refined Details, Brilliantly Crafted