Center Line Series Helm Chairs

The Center Line Series was designed with clean lines and shape to compliment the designs of the high tech outboard style vessels of today.  Beneath this refined exterior, the entire chair is manufactured with the performance, rugged durability, and luxurious attributes that today’s refined boat owners expect. 

The seat base is manufactured from a composite polymer that provides superior stiffness without undue mass and weight. Aesthetically pleasing and offering luxurious comfort, the bolster style seat gives comfort and support in all of the important areas while sitting. With the forward support raised, it continues to provide this same sturdy feel with freedom of movement when standing. Tied to this by an internal all stainless steel hinge, the bolster pad utilizes the same stiffness of the seat board for excellent support.

Our Solid Teak Hardwood ladder back and arms come equipped with 100% stainless steel hardware and arm assembly. Rotating locking arms allow for robust security while seated and allows easy movement when the arms are raised.  The ladder back cushion was developed with an internal magnetic attachment system securing the cushion in place, ready to withstand the speeds of today’s modern outboards.

BlueWater Chairs’ offers limitless custom upholstery combinations giving the customer the ability to match the chair to their lifestyle.  Finished with the unparalleled High Gloss Urethane finish.

Options include:

  • Electric seat slide

  • Teak seat base

  • Pedestal and mounting spindle

  • Mechanical slide assembly

  • Single, double, triple & quad seating configurations


Refined Details, Brilliantly Crafted